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Category: SHELVING (76 records) SOLD---Wednesday May 23rd 10am Hall Hardware & Supply
Retirement Forces Auction.
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Item Photo Description
114 s114.JPGShelving with pegboard (no contents included)
162 s162.JPGStore Shelving with Pegboard Backing (no contents included)
425 s425.JPGShelving with Pegboard (no contents included)
489 s489.JPG3 Sided Pegboard Display Rack (no contents included)
519 s519.JPGShelving (no contents included)
649 s649.JPGRack with Cutter (no contents included)
874 s874.JPGblack metal bin shelving (no contents included)
919 s919.JPGshelves (no contents included)
1057 s1057.JPG40 compartment bin (no contents included)
1063 s1063.JPG72 compartment bin (no contents included)
1068 s1068.JPG40 compartment bin(8 bins) (No contents included)
1076 s1076.JPG72 compartment bin (No contents included)
1177 s1177.JPGpipe rack (No contents included)
1266 s1266.JPGrack and bins (no contents included)
1289 s1289.JPGspray paint rack (No Contents Included)
1408 s1408.JPGrack for pipe
1433 s1433.JPGmetal rack (no contents included)
1457 s1457.JPGpeg board and metal shelving (no contents included)
1555 s1555.JPGshelf
1556 s1556.JPGshelf with display (no contents included)
1668 s1668.JPGshelf with display
1674 s1674.JPGshelf with pegboard
1675 s1675.JPGshelf blue
1688 s1688.JPGbin shelf
1766 s1766.JPGshelving back
1768 s1768.JPGpegboard shelf.
1846 s1846.JPGshelf(no contents included)
2048 s2048.JPGshelves with pegboard backer (no contents included)
2049 s2049.JPGpegboard display (no contents included)
2057 s2057.JPG3 sided pegboard display rack (no contents included)
2325 s2325.JPGshelf with pegboard- no contents
2334 s2334.JPGblack bins (no contents included)
2386 s2386.JPGshelving with pegboard- no contents
2454 s2454.JPGblack bins- no contents
2523 s2523.JPGshelving with pegboard backing
2658 s2658.JPGshelf- no contents
2659 s2659.JPGshelf- no contents
2660 s2660.JPGshelf- no contents
2661 s2661.JPGshelf- no contents
2676 s2676.JPGpipe rack- no contents
2804 s2804.JPGshelf- no contents
2886 s2886.JPGshelving no contents
3054 s3054.JPGshelving no contents
3058 s3058.JPGsmall white rack (no contents included)
3074 s3074.JPG3 sided pegboard rack no contents
3082 s3082.JPG3 sided pegboard rack no contents
3090 s3090.JPG3 way peg board display rack- no contents
3091 s3091.JPGassorted face shields etc and rack
3098 s3098.JPG3 sided pegboard rack- no contents
3112 s3112.JPG3 sided pegboard rack- no contents
3120 s3120.JPGrack only- no contents
3147 s3147.JPGshelving no contents
3165 s3165.JPGshelving no contents
3189 s3189.JPGdisplay rack- no contents
3191 s3191.JPGglass display cabinet- no contents
3192 s3192.JPGassorted extractors and bin
3193 s3193.JPGglass display cabinet- no contents
3194 s3194.JPGfiling cabinets / shelf
3215 s3215.JPGsafety glasses cool cloth and rack
3216 s3216.JPGdewalt pilot point drill bits and rack
3217 s3217.JPGdrill bits and rack
3218 s3218.JPGsplit keyrings and rack
3226 s3226.JPGshelving no contents
3234 s3234.JPGshelf with peg board backing no contents
3236 s3236.JPGassorted carbon filters and bins
3237 s3237.JPGassorted plumbing rings and bin
3238 s3238.JPGassorted bolts and bin
3239 s3239.JPGtable shelf no contents
3240 s3240.JPGshelf no contents
3252 s3252.JPGshelving no contents
3545 s3545.JPGrolls of wire and rack
3583 s3583.JPGpipe rack
3588 s3588.JPGcovered pipe rack
3599 s3599.JPGsteel rack no contents (no contents included)
3612 s3612.JPGcovered pipe rack (no contents)

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