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Auctioneer / Manager Phillip Hodges (972) 786-4654
Site Admin. Technical Assistance Call Shaina (940) 284-5242
Dallas, Texas

Bidding extended on Open items for 3 minutes since last bid.
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T_AA.JPGThis auction STARTS TO CLOSE AT 7PM IN THE EVENING (CST) at a rate of 3 lot per minute, starting at lot number 1.         ended
T_BA.JPGThis auction features extended bidding. Any lot that gets a bid within two minutes of its Scheduled Closing Time will remain open for bids past its normal close, it will go into extended bidding. It will remain open until there are no bids on that lot for 2 minutes. This only effects lots with last minute bids, other lots will continue to close at their normal times.         ended
T_CA.JPGThere will be a time remaining clock next to each lot. This displays the time remaining before that lot is scheduled to close if there is not extended bidding. YOU MUST REFRESH THE SCREEN TO KEEP THAT TIME ACCURATE. To refresh, simply click on the refresh word below the clock.         ended

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