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World Wide Auction Inc Offices
ENDS--- Wednesday November 28th Starting at 10am - 10AM 3 Lots per minute

Item Description
A.This auction STARTS TO CLOSE AT 10:00 AM (CST) at a rate of 3 lot per minute, starting at lot number 1.
B.This auction features extended bidding. Any lot that gets a bid within two minutes of its Scheduled Closing Time will remain open for bids past its normal close, it will go into extended bidding. It will remain open until there are no bids on that lot for 2 minutes. This only effects lots with last minute bids, other lots will continue to close at their normal times.
C.There will be a time remaining clock next to each lot. This displays the time remaining before that lot is scheduled to close if there is not extended bidding. YOU MUST REFRESH THE SCREEN TO KEEP THAT TIME ACCURATE. To refresh, simply click on the refresh word below the clock.
1.Whiteboard A Frame Approx 6' tall w/casters
2.Storage Cabinet Approx 6 and 1/2 ft tall
3.4 Drawer file cabinet
4.4 Drawer file cabinet
5.4 Drawer file cabinet
6.4 Drawer file cabinet
7.4 Drawer file cabinet
8.4 Drawer file cabinet
9.Metal Shelving unit approx 8' tall
10.Metal Shelving unit approx 8' tall
11.Server Rack w/ 12 Dell/HP Servers
12.Industrial Cabinet with lids and doors approx 4' x 5'
13.19" Server Rack with Shelf Approx 4 1/2' tall
14.2 Stage Lifter Unit with forks
15.Industrial Power Supply
16.Polycom/Cisco Sound Station
17.Polycom Sound Station 2W
18.APC Replacement Battery unit RBC43
19.Holagen flexable Desk lights
20.Hubs Switches and firewall
21.Laptop Computers Toshiba/Asus/etc
22.HP i5 Laptop Computers
23.HP i5 Laptop Computers
24.HP i5 Laptop Computers
25.HP Laptop I5 Win7
26.HP Laptop I5 Win7
27.HP Laptop I5 Win7
28.HP Laptop I5 Win7
29.HP Laptop I5 Win7
30.Acer Computer w/LCD Monitor keyboard and mouse
31.Dell Core 2 computer tower w/LCD Monitor keyboard mouse
32.eMachines Computer w/LCD Monitor keyboard mouse
33.Hp Computer Tower w/LCD Monitor Keyboard mouse
34.IBM Computer Tower w/LCD Monitor Keyboard
35.Acer Computer w/LCD Monitor keyboard and mouse
36.Cool Master Computer w/LCD Monitor win 7 Keyboard Mouse
37.Hp Computer Tower w/LCD Monitor Keyboard mouse
38.MSI Gammer Computer unit w/LCD Monitor keyboard mouse 650 Video Card
39.MSI Gammer Computer unit w/LCD Monitor keyboard mouse 550ti Video Card
40.Stainless Steel Scales
41.Brother printer HL-2040 and HL-2170W
42.Computer Tower w/ national inst card
43.Brother Printer Model HL-2230
44.HP Printer Laserjet 1150
45.Panasonic Dot Matrix KX-P3696
46.Epson Printer WF-2540
47.HP Printer Laserjet 1150
48.Computer Tower
49.Dell Server Poweredge 2850
50.Brother Printer Fax
51.Minite Man UPS
52.Tripp-Lite UPS
53.Toshiba Printer Fax Studio 162D
54.Panasonic Desk Phones KX-T7633
55.Panasonic Desk Phones KX-T7633/KX-DT343
56.Panasonic Desk Phones KX-T7633
57.Panasonic Desk Phones KX-T7633
58.Kollmorgen 30PM Servo Motor AKM42E
59.KVM Switch Model TK-01601R
60.USB Scanners
61.Dell Laptops i5 & i7
62.Assorted Laptops
63.Hp & Dell Laptops
64.Hp Laptops i5
65.Hp i5 Laptop
66.Hp i5 Laptop
67.Hp i5 Laptop
68.Hp i5 Laptop
69.Hp i5 Laptop
70.Office Jet 971 Ink Cartridges
71.CEL-FI Pro
72.Gas Pressure Regulator Gauges
73.Bosch Security Motion Sensor UFLED60
74.Hp Core 2 Duo Small Form Factor Desktops
75.Cisco & Motorola Network Hub/Router
76.Dell Tower w/ LCD Monitor & Keyboard
77.Lenovo Desktop Think Center
78.Dell i5 Small Form Desktops
79.Hp Core 2 Small Form Desktops
80.Hp i5 Desktops
81.Hp Core 2 Small Form Desktops
82.Hp Core 2 Small Form Desktops
83.Hp Office Jet Pro X541Dn
84.Plastic Hard Shell Carry Cases
85.Hp Office Jet 7610
86.Intel Industrial Computer w/ Core 2 Duo
87.Generic Computer Tower
88.Antec Computer Tower
89.Dell Desktop Computer
90.Dell Desktop Computer
91.Advantech Power Supply for PC FSP400
92.Bodine Electric 33A5BEPM
93.Bodine Electric 33A5BEPM
94.Kollmorgen 30PM Servo Motor AKM42J
95.Kollmorgen M-405-A-29-S-324 Servo Motor
96.Kollmorgen 30PM Servo Motor AKM22E
97.Industrial Touch Screen PC
98.RJ-45 to Serial Cable Adapters 10pc per Box
99.Hp Laser Jet 1022
100.TEAC DVD Tower DVW-D11B
101.Epson Scanner
102.MacBeth Judge II Lighted Bench Hood
103.Decorative Ivy Clock
104.Jewelry Box Packed w/ Jewelry
105.Decorative Chest
106.Vintage Musical Snow Globe
107.Vintage Granny Sewing Figurine
108.Vintage Carousel Minor Damage On Top
109.Vintage Clock
110.Kitchen Clock
111.Crystal Clock
112.Lot of 2 Decorative Clocks
113.Lot of 7 Vintage Christmas
114.Keurig 2.0 Coffee Maker
115.Lot of 2 Decorative Bible Verse Ornament
116.Lot 12 Cell Phone Batteries
117.Arrow Hand Stapler Gun
118.Lot of 2 Decorative Bible Verse Ornament
119.Mini Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner
120.Lot of 4 Decorative Items
121.Lot of 15+ Assorted Books
122.Lot of 130+ Romance Novels
123.Lot of 8 Assorted Pots/Pans
124.Lot of 3 Educational Sex VHS Tapes 1-3
125.Lot of 6 Playboy VHS Tapes
126.Lot of 50+ VHS Tapes
127.Lot of 12 Assorted Pots/Pans
128.Covered Cookware
129.Lot of 50+ Romance Novels
130.Hand Carved & Painted Cane
131.Vintage Hair Dryer
132.Presto Salad Shooter
133.Radiator Testing Units
134.Lot of Stationery Pads
135.Lot of 50+ Romance Novels
136.Magic Chef Industrial Microwave
137.Kulicke & Soffa Power Distribution Modules
138.Kulicke & Soffa Power Distribution Modules
139.Lot of Engineering Test Cables
140.Hitachi Camera Control Unit HV-2002BV-H2
141.Kulicke & Soffa Power Distribution Modules
142.Lot of Engineering Sensors & Cables
143.RF Signal Cable HP Generator 03-257666-01
144.C&D AC/DC Power Supply Very Heavy
145.MMFK Precision Stainless Steel Testing Unit
146.Wafer Tool Spin Rinse Dryer Parts
147.TA EM5C Electric Timing Motors
148.Kulocke & Soffa Power Supply Heavy
149.Industrial Touch Screen Computer
150.Wheel Chair Foot Pedal Supports
151.Decorative Plate
152.Decorative Plate
153.Vintage Picture w/ Frame
154.Lot of 4 Ashtrays
155.Vintage Ceramic Jar
156.Vintage Electric Scissor/Shears
157.Ceramic Dog Figurine
158.Decorative Planter
159.Bird Clock
160.Lot of 5 Alarm Clock Radios
161.Lot of 2 Vintage Clocks
162.Cow Clock
163.Decorative Clock
164.Decorative Clock
165.Decorative Clock
166.Lot of 2 Programmable Timers
167.Vintage Camera
168.Silver Serving Platter
169.Vintage Violin 80-4/4
170.Lot of 3 Bowls
171.Lot of 10+ Folders & Binders
172.Lot of 8 Walt Disney VHS Tapes
173.Personal Heater
174.Miracle Thaw Defrosting Tray
175.Lot of 2 Domino & Checker Games
176.Xbox 360
177.Vintage Set of Dentures w/ Case
178.Vintage Genie Rub Auto Massager
180.Lot of 2 Waffle Makers
181.Vase w/ Utensils
182.Lot of 4 Vases
183.Lot of 18 Kitchen Magnets
184.Extendable Display Rack w/ Hard Case
185.Gast Motor & Pump System R1102C
186.DataSouth XL-300
187.Hp Color Laser Jet CM2320 MFP
188.Brother CDP-7065DN
189.Hitachi Cameral Control Unit HV-200BV
190.Hp Laser Jet 4000
191.Hp Office Jet 6700
192.19" Keyboard w/ Touchpad
193.19" Keyboard w/ Touchpad
194.19" Keyboard w/ Touchpad
195.Canon MX892
196.Sleeping Bag
197.Canon Image Runner 3300
198.Hand Saw
199.Lot of 3 Baking Dishes
200.Decorative Tray
201.Lot of 9 Baking Dishes
202.Set of 4 Bowls
203.Set of 3 Covered Baking Dishes
204.Knife Block w/ Knives
205.Lot of Assorted Kitchen Supplies
206.Ceramic Garlic Roaster
207.Set of 4 Ceramic Kitchen Jars
208.Lot of Crystal Jars
209.Lot of Silverware
210.Lot of 6 Baking Dishes
211.Vintage WWII Commemorative Plate
212.Lot of 6 Scissors
213.Decorative Tea Pot
214.Smoke Alarm
215.Man Reading Book Figurine
216.Dachsund Dog Figurine
217.Swan Planter w/ Pine Cones
218.7 Slice Pie Divider
219.1 Lot Matching Dishes
220.Jesus Figurine
221.Vintage Sewing Kit
222.Vintage Sewing Kit
223.Vintage Clothing Iron
224.Lot of 2 Decorative Plates
225.Lot of 12 Candles & Holders
226.Lot of 7 Bibles
227.Lot of 3 Wall Decor Items
228.Lot of 7 Coffee Mugs
229.Electronic Card Shuffler
230.Lot of 12 Plush Stuffed Animals
231.Makita Saw zaw w/ 2 Chargers & Batteries
232.Photography Light
233.AMX Room Control EXP-5221I
234.Hp Laser 4250dn
235.Lot of 2 Stereo Boom Boxes
236.Zebra Stripe Label Printer
237.Hp Laser Jet 4050n
238.Hp Laser P1505
239.Lot of 2 Hp Inkjet Printers
240.Hp Laser Jet 1160
241.Lot of 9 Lenovo Think Pad Docking Stations 2504
242.Girls Doll House
243.Lot of 4 Toy Racketball Rackets
244.Lot of 5 Small Kitchen Appliances
245.Lot of 8 Salt n Pepper Shakers
246.Large Lot Office Supplies
247.Vintage Knife Holder/Sharpener
248.Lot of 8 Coasters
249.Vintage Spiderman Lunch Box
250.Vintage Telephone
251.Tablet Case & Keyboard
252.Mini Cupcake Maker
253.Lot of 4 Baking Dishes
254.Crock Pot
255.Lot of Assorted Mens Fragrances & Wallet
256.Set of 3 Glass Pots
257.Electric Knife
258.Knife Slicer
259.Set of 5 Glasses
260.Set of 5 Glasses
261.Set of 6 Glasses
262.Set of 6 Glasses
263.Lot of 3 Napkin Holders
264.Lot of 3 Sugar Measuring Cups
265.Set of 2 Owl Figurines
266.Lot of 5 Vases
267.Lot of Vanity Mirrors
268.Lot of 8 Glasses
269.Lot of 10 Ceramic Figurines
270.Novelty Frog
271.Large Lot Wooden Clothes Pins
272.Lot of 200+ People Magazine Issues 2001-2003
273.Lot of 5 Boxes Misc Smart Phone Parts
274.GBC Shred Master 960X Paper Shredder
275.Lot 7 Stainless Steel Cookware
276.Magic Chef Industrial Microwave
277.Acer Computer Tower
278.Large Lot of Plastic Cutlery
279.Craftsman Tool Bag
280.Irwin Strait-Line
281.Mykrolis CL-1T-Pillar Semi Part
282.Lot of 2 Puzzles
283.Hp DL360 Network Server
284.Dual Light Exit Sign
285.Hp DL380 Network Server
286.Lot of 4 Vintage Ceramic Figurines
287.Pixi Modo Digital Picture Frame w/ Remote
288.Hp 6700B 6 Cell Li-On Battery
289.Acer H1P1117 Projector
290.Hp CRVSB-05CE Projector
291.Toshiba TDP-T40 Projector
292.InFocus W360 Projectors
293.InFocus IN3126 Projector
294.Dell 2400MP Projector
295.Christie DS30 Projector
296.K & L Microwave Band Reject Filter
297.LeCroy CATC Analyzer PE801MA
298.Barco ASCAR Test Unit D1
299.Radvision XT1000 HD Video Receiver w/ Remote
300.Hp RF Test Modules
301.Direct Connect Hi Speed HDMI CAT5/6 Extender
302.Powertronic PT-VIP270-120-230 Power Supply
303.MKS Power Source Type 260 PSI-1
304.WPR Electronics Lamp Ballast
305.Minami 270mm Blade For Min Printer
306.Vicor Mini MegaPAC MM6-17517
307.Hp DS1 Tester 37741A
308.Hp 6GHz RF Port Modules
309.PIC Linear Positioning Block DPI4160
310.Foundry Networks Server Iron GT
311.THETA Projection Lens
312.Eltromat RF Test Unit
313.Thomas & Betts Plug Model 311B
314.RECIF Industrial Automation Computer
315.Hp Next Scanner J2201A w/ Case
316.Banner PK-21A31PQ Probe Sensor
317.Vicor FlatPAC VI-RUY01-CWYY
318.Eagle Test Systems Control Box
319.Vii Sink Source 1306R
320.JWF Switch Assy. 50SA-109
321.LNK SLIMbus Audio Bridge
322.Auto Ranging Insulating Tester 1000V
323.Ono Sokki Digital Gauge DG-359
324.Texas Instruments Control Panel Test Unit
325.JDS Uniphase Fiber Optic Test Module
326.Lot of Schmersal Test Cables & MKS Transducer
327.Leisegang Optical Imaging Test Unit VA303
328.Super Injector Hand Held Test Unit
329.Newport Positioning Stage w/ Micrometers
330.Multi Link Modulator Drive
331.Hunnington Labs TGC-201 Micro Measuring Unit
332.Varian Wafer ID Controller
333.Hitachi JFFB3737025MFCI Fiber Optic Cables
334.Consultronics XPS Wire Line Simulator
335.SunX Emitter NA2N8D
336.Brushless DC Servo Drive & 2 Lambda Power Supply
337.Stellaris Ti EVM Development Board
338.Gefen extend-it DVI Splitter w/ Accessories
339.MSA ToxGard Oxygen Monitor
340.AMAT Mirra Keyboard
341.Australian Monitor Series TX6000 Amplifier
342.Hp i3 Z210 Workstation w/ LCD
343.Dell Vostro 220S w/ LCD
344.Dell i5 Optiplex 790 w/ LCD
345.Aero Go Inflatable Jack
346.Ziehl Abegg Industrial Air Circulator
347.Lot of 5 Monarch Luggage Items
348.Kwan Chiu Radio 200V Power Supply
349.IBM Power Supply 549695C
350.Particle Measuring Systems Mini Environment Monitor 310
351.Big Lot SMA Test Cables RF
352.WEG Electric Motor 90L-04208230
353.National Instruments SCXI Cable
354.PTS Frequency Synthesizer 250
355.Acopian Regulated Power Supply A28H1100
356.PCACPS Rail Power Units for LTX Fusion HS - Dual Rack mounted Power Supplies
357.Thermo Keytek Interface PCB J6
358.Thermo Keytek Interface PCB J6
359.Eltromat Test Board Chassis w/ Cards
360.Sony Projector VPL-AW10
361.3M Projector SCP716
362.Small Parts Bin w/ Drawers
363.3M Projector Stand
364.LTS Bench Top Light
365.Epson Projector EMP-1715
366.MSI P67A-C43 Motherboard
367.Toshiba Projector TDP-T95
368.InFocus Projector IN3116
369.InFocus Projector IN3116
370.Hp Digital Transmission Analyzer 3784A
371.Christie Digital System CINE-IPM
372.Konstater SLP120-20 Power Supply
373.Kuroda Regulator w/ Gauge
374.Richmond Technology Air Flow Controller
375.Texas Instruments Volt Generator 6605
376.Analogic Digital 3 AN6503
377.CAC Power Supply 003-0124
378.Clearcomm RF Band Pass Filter
379.SMC Pressure Gauge Assy
380.Lot of 2 Hp & Polycom Network Equipment
381.CPU Stand By Switch Clock Assy
382.Vicor FlatPAC Power Supply VI-PUY0-CWY
383.Kurabo Chemical Analyzer Mini KCM-01-CE-BC
384.Flam & Russell Signal Distribution Unit 959
385.Electrical Test Switch Boxes
386.DiCon Fiber Multi Channel WDM
387.Minark Servo Motor
388.Lot of DVI Extender & Media Switch
389.Lot of 3 Marlow Industries Berylium-Oxide Test Pieces
390.Assorted Network Equipment
391.Kwan Chiu Radio Power Supply
392.Lot of 5 Assorted Noise Filter
393.Advanced Power Solutions Power Supply
394.Lot of 7 OECO Transformer
395.Eagle Test Systems Control Panel
396.3000 Amp Current Clamps
397.Cisco 48V AC Adapters
398.Motorola Test Chassis w/ Modules
399.Lot of 2 US Robotics 56K Fax Modem
400.Lightwave Communications System Console Switch
401.Sophia Systems EJ-Extreme
402.JC Christ Dispatch IEEE 488 Interface
403.Datron Test Displays
404.JWD AM/FM Digital Tuner DT-100A
405.SKB Hard Shell Plastic Road Case (rack mounts inside)
406.SKB Hard Shell Plastic Road Case (rack mounts inside)
407.SKB Hard Shell Plastic Road Case (rack mounts inside)
408.Hp Core 2 Duo Desktop Computer
409.Lot of 2 MKS Thermal Insulated Valve Parts
410.Diamand Semiconductor Control Interface
411.MDA Scientific Exhaust Gas Monitor
412.LMI Milton Roy Compressor
413.Brother DCP8080DN Scanner Copier Combo
414.Quantum Clean 9600 Vacuum Valve
415.Lot of 3 Canon CanoScan Lid 70 Scanners
416.Lot of Transformers
417.Floor Speaker Stands
418.Dell E525W Printer Scanner Combo
419.Cisco 7942G IP Phones
420.Stainless Steel Container
421.Small Server Rack
422.Small Server Rack
423.Camera Tripod
424.Advanced TCA Network Control Module
425.Industrial PLC Chassis w/ VME Modules
426.Baugh Gang USB Programmer
427.Brunswick Convertible CAM Cast Fishing Reel
428.Reliance Electric Servo Motor
429.Shibuya Pulse Motor Drive Board
430.Alcatel Optical Receiver/transceiver
431.Arjo Huntleigh Medical Pumps FF5000
432.Single ISIC Formatter chip tester
433.Tektronix 404704 & Maintenance Controller
434.Marsh Large Tape Machine
435.Cisco Video Conference LCD Display
436.Toyozumi Transformer SD21-500A
437.USAR Lampares Optical Light Source
438.Power Supply Module TDL-150
439.Hitachi CCD Camera Unit HV-200BV-H2
440.Quantum Clean Wafer Chuck
441.Vicor PFC MegaPAC MP5-75599
442.Keithley Autoranging Micro Volt DMM Model 197
443.Turck DeviceNet SDNL-04-04D-0003F
444.Military Grade Power & I/O Cable
445.Newport Multichannel Optical Power Meter
446.Keyence Light Curtain PJ55A
447.Toyozumi Transformer IEC61558-2-4
448.Lot of 6 Multi Site Handler Box Program Units
449.Lot of Opticon Sensor & Cosmicar Lens
450.Toyozumi Transformer IEC61558-2-4
451.Lot of 50+ Cell Phone Batteries
452.EPT Industrial Keyboards
453.ASML Gas Gate Assy
454.Mobile Briefcase
455.Lot of 2 Plastic cases
456.Industrial Microscope Head & Turret
457.Dayton Electric Motor Model 3M714G
458.Hp Laser Jet P2035 Printer
459.Aydin Displays Model 2109MC
460.Hp Laser Jet P2015 Printer
461.ICS 480 Computer Tower
462.Metal bin storage Trays plastic coated
463.Hp Laser Jet 1200 Printer
464.Box of Assorted Computer Laptop Parts
465.Mind Speed Test Board EVM
466.Ungarmatic Soldering Station
467.Lot of 4 New Hp Keyboards
468.Hp Mini Laptop Win 7
469.AMAT Leybold Turbo Pump Seal
470.Ericsson Fiber Optic Cable
471.Koyo Camera Control Unit
472.Koyo Camera Unit
473.RFS Radio Frequency Systems Antenna
474.Cradlepoint CBR450 Wireless Network Access Points
475.Cradlepoint CBR450 Wireless Network Access Points
476.Zebro Label Printers
477.Lot of 500 Conshinge pocket wallet Calculators
478.Flowtron Medical Pump AC550
479.Lot of 2 Servo Motors
480.Crydom Transformer Power Supply
481.Bertan Power Supply
482.Dayton Direct Drive
483.THK Slide Rails & Blocks
484.Square D Breaker Box
485.Praxair MRCFAL0527457 END200TIOGAT
486.Taylor Duffel Bags
487.Lot of 200 Pink Calculator Rulers
488.Lot of 200 Pink Calculator Rulers
489.Eaton Bulldog 5ft High Pressure Industrial Hose
490.Fluke DTX-PLA002 Network Adapters
491.Lot of 2 Wicker Baskets
492.Wise Terminal WY-185ES
493.Sharp Calculator / Adding Machine EL2196BL
494.Lot of Polycom Accessories
495.Large Hard Shell Road Case w/ wheels 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 2ft
496.Lot of 3 Networking Hub/Router
497.Rigid Wet Vac
498.Rigid Portable Vac
499.Shop Vac
500.Shop Vac
501.Isilon Servers IQ72NL
502.Industrial Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Bins Mixed Sizes
503.Ti Wafer Semi Tool Washer / Stainless
504.Wafer Tool Camera Lens appox 5"
505.Signum Systems Probe Emulator w/ 2 handler Boxes
506.Gast Pump DOA-V188-AA
507.Tea Brewing Pot w/ Cup
508.On Hold Plus CD + MP3 Audio System
509.Acopian Ronan Power Supply
510.Cisco Catalyst 3750G POE-24
511.Cisco Catalyst 3750G POE-24
512.Cisco Catalyst 3750G POE-24
513.Cisco 2600 Router
514.Cisco 2800 Router
515.Cisco 4400 Wireless Lan Controller
516.Cisco 3750 & 3560G Routers
517.Cisco 2811 Router
518.Mixed Lot Cisco 2500 & Pix 515E
519.Industrial Pump Assembly
520.Dynex Camera Arm Stabilizer
521.Precision Linear Slides with blocks
522.Geffren 1000 Controller
523.Sony Playstation
524.Lable Cartridges
525.Eval EVM Test Video Module
526.Hy-Sync Stepper Motor 240TLL1304
527.Smac Step Motor LAR30
528.Servo Motor P50B05010DCL68
529.Sanyo Servo Motor 103-715
530.Colmorgan PowerMax P21NSXS Servo Motor
531.Pacific Scientific PowerMax II Servo Motor P2HNSXC
532.Pacific Scientific PowerMax II Servo Motor P2HNSXC
533.Watlow Controller TLM-8
534.Vexta Servo Motor PH265M-31B
535.Pacific Scientific PowerMax II Servo Motor P21NSXC
536.Vexta Servo Motor UPH596AM
537.Servo Stepping Motor 2H17SH-KS02
538.Pacific Scientific PowerMax II Servo Motor P21NSXC
539.Pacific Scientific PowerMax II Servo Motor P21NSXC
540.Mixed Lot Controllers/Switches
541.Revision 700384-33 Industrial Audio Video Cable 30ft
542.Eltro Industries Meter 3DWA300-3E
543.Box of 6" Fiber Optic 4mm light guides
544.Lot of 2 Humphrey 7-D-2 FM 48 Assembly
545.Turck WAKW4.5T-10-WASW 4.5T Semi Tool Controller Cables
546.Precision Handler Slide guide with stepping motor
547.Soft Switching DS10025A Power Supplies
548.Soft Switching DS10025A Power Supplies
549.Alcatel Hard Drive / Floppy
550.Lot of Bluetooth Headphones
551.Lot Cell Phone Accessories
552.Kenwood Radio Charger KMB-16
553.Kenwood Radio Charger KMB-16
554.Kenwood Radio Charger KMB-16
555.Kenwood Radio Charger KMB-16
556.Lot of 2 Dell Laptops
557.Kenwood Radio Charger KMB-16
558.Lot of 9 DVD Drives
559.Fluke DTX-PLA002 Network Adapters
560.Tektronix 465B Oscilloscope
561.Vanguard 7000 Engraving Machine with parts B-7000EP
562.Dell LCD Monitor Stands
563.Benq DLP Projectors
564.Parker Compu Motor 500 Indexer
565.Cincinnati Systems 9250SA Controller
566.Sysmac Omron Programable Controller C200H
567.Sanyo Servo Motor L511T-021
568.Yaskawa Servo Motor USACEM-C2002K
569.Pacific Scientic PowerMax II Servo Motor P21NSXC
570.Pacific Scientic PowerMax II Servo Motor P21NSXC
571.Pacific Scientic PowerMax II Servo Motor P21NSXC
572.Pacific Scientic PowerMax II Servo Motor P21NSXC
573.Pacific Scientic PowerMax II Servo Motor P21NSXC
574.Pacific Scientic PowerMax II Servo Motor P21NSXC
575.Pacific Scientic PowerMax II Servo Motor P21NSXC
576.Vexta Servo Motor SMK237-A-A
577.Vexta Servo Motor PK266-02A
578.Vexta Servo Motor PK564-NA
579.Oriental Motors Servo Motor 21J3RGA-A2
580.Pacific Scientic Sigma Servo Motor H22NRHT
581.Mycom 5 Phase Stepping Motor PS596AM
582.Lot of 8 Warren Solid State Air Flow Sensors
583.Epson Raioc-23 Servo Drivers
584.Lot of 6 Turck Semi Tool Controller Cables
585.Lot of 4 Semi Tool Controller Cables 1001771
586.Lot of 2 Semi Tool Controller Cables 1001175
587.Envirotrinocs HLS-2 Servo Drive Timer
588.Shimpo Stepping Motor Driver SST-16
589.TI DLP Projector Color Wheel
590.ACDC Rack Mount DC Power Source
591.Matsushita Controller FP1-C40
592.Matsushita Controller FP1-C40
593.Mycom Control Box IMS51-120
594.LTX Control Switch
595.OneAC Power Conditioner CC1128
596.Desktop Magnifying Glass w/ Lights & Arms
597.Kenwood Radio Charger KMB-16
598.Kenwood Radio Charger KMB-16
599.Kenwood Radio Charger KMB-16
600.Kenwood Radio Charger KMB-16
601.Pacific Scientic PowerMax II Servo Motor P21NRXC
602.Pacific Scientic PowerMax II Servo Motor P21NRXC
603.Pacific Scientic PowerMax II Servo Motor P21NRXC
604.Pacific Scientic PowerMax II Servo Motor P21NRXC
605.Pacific Scientic PowerMax II Servo Motor P21NRXC
606.Pacific Scientic PowerMax II Servo Motor P21NRXC
607.Pacific Scientic PowerMax II Servo Motor P21NRXC
608.Yaskawa Servo Motor SGM-02B312
609.Pacific Scientic PowerMax II Servo Motor P21NRXC
610.Pacific Scientic PowerMax II Servo Motor P21NRXC
611.Cool Muscle Servo Drive CM1
612.Yaskawa Servo Motor SGM-02B312
613.Pacific Scientic PowerMax II Servo Motor P21NRXC
614.Pacific Scientic PowerMax II Servo Motor P21NRXC
615.Sony Stereo w/ Subwoofer Boom Box
616.Pacific Scientic PowerMax II Servo Motor P21NRXC
617.Pacific Scientic PowerMax II Servo Motor P21NRXC
618.Pacific Scientic PowerMax II Servo Motor P21NRXC
619.Pacific Scientic PowerMax II Servo Motor P21NRXC (with axel rod)
620.Panasonic Stereo Boom Box
621.Polycom Distribution Auto Patch Rack Mount
622.Rack Mount Box with 2 9" Monitors
623.Sony Stereo Boom Box No Speakers
624.Flute with Case
625.Vintage Zenith Record Player 8 Track Stereo
626.Sensor Test Kit
627.Precision Linear Slides
628.C-N Sensor Assembly
629.Bimba Air Controller
630.Stainless Wafer Assembly
631.Merance Portable Cassette Recorder PMD-222
632.Avid Audio Splitter
633.VGA splitter Amplifier
634.Shure Prologue Microphone Mixer
635.Nikon Transformer UN
636.Mirror Warehouse Bubble
637.Magnetic Wall Hangers
638.Seiko Servo Drive RAIOC-11
639.Magnetic Wall Hangers
640.Japan Servo Motor Servex 8H5FBN-100
641.PowerMax II Servo Motor
642.Texas Instruments Channel Controller 500-2108
643.Texas Instruments Resistance Temperature Detector 500-5052
644.Texas Instruments Processor Module 500-5186
645.Texas Instruments Word Output Module 500-5019
646.Texas Instruments 32.LVDC Module 500-5030-5031
647.Texas Instruments Word Input Module 500-5018
648.Lot of Controllers / Valves / Electronic Parts
649.Servo Motor Controller Assembly
650.Xentek Power Supply XE90-1313
651.Astec Power Supply LPS-252
652.Hitachi Camera Control Unit HV-200BB-H2
653.Industrial Cooling Unit Assembly
654.Ti AMAT PAC150 Oxide Etcher Controller Rack
655.Ti AMAT PAC150 Oxide Etcher Controller Rack
656.Ti AMAT PAC150 Oxide Etcher Controller Rack
657.KSI Kaiser Systems HVPS Controller 80-50
658.CTI Cryogenics Onboard Retrofit Interface 8115236G001
659.Zoom Foot Controller FC01
660.Marshal Reverb & Boost Pedal
661.JL Cooper Electronics Midi Blender
662.Yamaha YME8 Midi Expander with Midi Switch Boxes
663.Mesh Office Chair Backs with Lumbar Support
664.Vintage Dresser
665.Vintage Dresser with mirror
666.Mini Bar Cabinet
667.Dresser Chest of Drawers
668.Wall Art Painting
669.Lot of Wall Art
670.Lot of 2 Wall Pictures
671.Lot of 3 Paintings
672.Tektronix 11401 Digitizing Oscilloscope
673.Semi Tool Controller Power Cables
674.Semi Tool Controller Data Cables
675.Small Tech Bench 3ft x 2ft with slide out extention
676.Box of 9 Fluorscent Light Bulbs 4ft
677.Industrial Power Strip
678.Dresser Mirror
679.Lot of Wall Art Pictures
680.Queen Size Bed Frame & Wood Headboard
681.Vintage Comphy Couch / Pull out bed
682.Lot of 4 Wall Dcor
683.Lot of 4 Room Fans
684.Vintage Chair
685.Lazy Boy Style Chair
686.INBACARE 6291-JR Walker with wheels
687.Exersise Equipment
688.Wafer Push Cart on Casters
689.Storage Tub with Industial PVC Fittings 50 pieces
690.Front Bumper & Cow for 1980's Jeep Wagoneer or J Series Pickup Truck
691.Warehouse Ladder on Casters & Hand Rails 5ft tall
692.Tru-Stone Corp Precision Granite Milled Vibration Table Slab AA Grade 2 1/2ft wide x 3 1/2ft long app 7" thcick
693.Office Chair
694.Tech Bench Chair extra tall
695.Tech Bench Chair extra tall
696.Office Chair
697.Office Chair
698.Office Chair
699.Office Chair
700.Office Chair
701.Office Chair
702.Asko Stainless Steel Dishwasher
703.Asko Stainless Steel Dishwasher
704.Asko Stainless Steel Dishwasher
705.FUN Motorizede Mini Bike Cherry Red
706.FUN Motorizede Mini Bike Cherry Red
707.Case of Panduit 6ft Cable Organizers
708.Misc Warehouse Shelves / Storage Bins
709.Fluke Test Station Computer Shelf

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