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Category: ALL (3630 records) SOLD---Wednesday May 23rd 10am Hall Hardware & Supply
Retirement Forces Auction.
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Item Photo Description
T_AA.JPGGet some coffee and get ready to participate in the largest auction on record. This auction STARTS TO CLOSE VERY FAST STARTING AT 10:00 AM (CST) at a rate of 7 lot per minute, starting at lot number 1. approximately time to finish is 7PM, YES ALL DAY CLOSE.
T_BA.JPGThis auction features extended bidding. Any lot that gets a bid within two minutes of its Scheduled Closing Time will remain open for bids past its normal close, it will go into extended bidding. It will remain open until there are no bids on that lot. HIT THE REFRESH BUTTON TO KEEP TIMER CORRECT ---------------->>
T_CA.JPGThere will be a time remaining clock next to each lot. This displays the time remaining before that lot is scheduled to close if there is not extended bidding. YOU MUST REFRESH THE SCREEN TO KEEP THAT TIME ACCURATE. To refresh, simply click on the refresh
1 s001.JPGGlassfloss 13 1/2 x 27 Filters
2 s002.JPGGlassfloss 30x30x1 Filters
3 s003.JPGGlassfloss 20x20x2 Filters
4 s004.JPGGlassfloss 14x20x2 Filters
5 s005.JPGGlassfloss 20x30x2 Filters
6 s006.JPGFiltrate 20x24x1 Filters
7 s007.JPGGlassfloss 16x16x2 Filters
8 s008.JPGGlassfloss 25x25x1 Filters
9 s009.JPGGlassfloss 24z30x1 Filters
10 s010.JPGGlassfloss 24x25x1 Filters
11 s011.JPGPurolator Filters 18x20x1
12 s012.JPGGlassfloss Filters 22x24x1
13 s013.JPGGlassfloss Filters 22x22x1
14 s014.JPGGlassfloss Filters 20x24x1
15 s015.JPGGlassfloss Filters 21x21x1
16 s016.JPGGlassfloss FIlters 10x25x1
17 s017.JPGFilters 21 1/2x31 1/2x1
18 s018.JPGFilters 24x30x1
19 s019.JPGGlassfloss Filters 16x36x1
20 s020.JPGGlass Filters 19x21x1
21 s021.JPGEZ Flow Filters 18x36x1
22 s022.JPGGlassfloss Filters 18x30x1
23 s023.JPGHeavy Duty Filters 18x25x1
24 s024.JPGGlassfloss Filters 18x20x1
25 s025.JPGGlassfloss Filters 18x20x1
26 s026.JPGGlassfloss Filters 18x18x1
27 s027.JPGGlassfloss Filters 24x30x1
28 s028.JPGFilters 17x19x1
29 s029.JPGGlassfloss Filters 16x36x1
30 s030.JPGPurator Filters 15x25x1
31 s031.JPGGlassfloss Filters 16x24x1
32 s032.JPGGlassfloss Filters 16x18x1
33 s033.JPGAir Handler FIters 16x16x1
34 s034.JPGFilters 16x22x1
35 s035.JPGGlassfloss Filters 15x25x1
36 s036.JPGGlassfloss Filters 15x20x1
37 s037.JPGFilters 16x19x1
38 s038.JPGEZ Flow Filters 15x25x1
39 s039.JPGGlassfloss Filters 14x14x1
40 s040.JPGZ-Line Series FIlters 15x20x1
41 s041.JPGFlanders Filters 12x30x1
42 s042.JPGFlanders FIters 16x24x1
43 s043.JPGGlassfloss FIters 12x36x1
44 s044.JPGGlassfloss Filters 12x30x1
45 s045.JPGGlassfloss Filters 12x25x1
46 s046.JPGEZ Flow Filters 12x25x1
47 s047.JPGFlanders Heavy Duty Filters 22x22x1
48 s048.JPGGlassfloss Filters 12x20x1
49 s049.JPGGlassfloss filters 12x20 1
50 s050.JPGGlassfloss Filters 12x18x1
51 s051.JPGGlassfloss Filters 12x20x1
52 s052.JPGGlassfloss Filters 12x16x1
53 s053.JPGFilters 12x14x1
54 s054.JPGFilters 12x14x1
55 s055.JPGGDS Filters 12x12x1
56 s056.JPGFilters 10x36x1
57 s057.JPGEZ FLow 10x30x1
58 s058.JPGGlassfloss Filters 10x25x1
59 s059.JPGGlassfloss Filters 10x20x1
60 s060.JPGGlassfloss Filters 10x10x1
61 s061.JPGGlassfloss Filters 22x24x1
62 s062.JPGGlassfloss Filters 21x21x1
63 s063.JPGShower Pan Liner 6x50 40 mil
64 s064.JPGShower Pan Liner 6x? 40 mil
65 s065.JPGShower Pan Liner 5x?
66 s066.JPG#24 Cotton Deck Mop
67 s067.JPGHeavy Duty Broom
68 s068.JPGBirdwell Push Broom
69 s069.JPGBirdwell Push Broom
70 s070.JPGWood Broom/Mop Handles
71 s071.JPGMetal Broom/Mop Handles
72 s072.JPGBroom Corn Whisk Broom

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