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NOTE READ OUR TERMS: there is a 25 membership fee to be able to bid on all our websites we manage.
Otherwise There is a one time 25.00 membership fee required to sign up to become a member of this huge auction experience. (Please read on)
Our hours of operation is 9-9 M-S. For immediate assistance getting your bidder number after registering call Shaina Larson 940-284-5242
Membership gives you the ability to bid on several websites (SEE BELOW) Please Follow the instructions below to register. You will get 2 emails one with your pre-approval with your bidder number' the second will be the successful membership fee, This second email will confirm you can start bidding. Don't wait till the last minute to get a bidder number and miss any of the action. Questions? Call 940-284-5242. Your security will never be compromised note you’re on a secure page for registration. Questions comments or concerns about any of the team member or if you are interested in doing your own auction or having one of our franchised company do an auction for you' please Email the DOAC LLC Office at or questions about your login call 940-284-5242
TERMS there is a 25.00 membership fee required to sign up. This fee is to authorize your membership and verify who you are. This is not refundable, and cannot be used for any auction for purchases. Any item not picked up will be charged an additional 25.00 plus the full invoice price even if you buy something for a dollar. We do not tolerate non communicating or no show bidders. Any item not picked up may also be charged in addition with storage or removal fees. Any unpaid invoices will be turned over for collection ICAA will collect funds in our behalf for breaching this binding contract, and collect damages and removal fees. If not collected within 30 days. yes this will go against your Credit until paid in full. Communication is important so please communicate with the auction company you buy from. All are easy to work with, and all franchisees have been trained and certified to bring you the best auction possible, their phone numbers can be found in the details page or in our team member’s page In conclusion it is also possible to lose your bidding membership privileges. By signing up you have agreed to these and all terms on our website. Thanks. Any questions feel free to email the main office at these charges will be charged back on your credit card you signed up with’ by bidding you have agreed to these terms. We have the right to deny service to anyone at any time All merchandise is strictly sold "As Is", "Where Is". No guarantee expressed or implied.
WWAC INC DOAC LLC. or franchised associates or their affiliates are not responsible for loss, theft or damage. All merchandise becomes the responsibility of the buyer when struck down to the highest bidder. All sales are final. Absolutely no refunds! Please check to be sure your amounts placed are correct. Once bids are placed they cannot be removed. No merchandise may be removed until the conclusion of the auction, and only when accompanied by a paid receipt. If you reneg on your auction we will withdraw the complete funds owed to us using your credit card. By Filling out the online registration form, and placing bids you have agreed to these terms. Trading and resale of property purchased at auction is strictly prohibited on auction premises. Any such acts will revoke all future bidding privileges, and memberships. All property purchased at auction is to be removed by original purchaser and or the respective representative will need a copy of the bidders invoice and can only be removed by a paid Invoice. Any announcements made the day of the sale will supersede all others written oral or published by the media. There will be no exceptions to these terms. Auctioneer has a right to remove items at any time if needed, and auctioneer or employees have a right to bid if they so desire. We appreciate you and wish you luck with the auctions. DOAC LLC Office OUR PHONE NUMBERS ARE LISTED IN OUR CONTACT US PAGE. Your new bidder number will work on all our websites.

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